The carat, color, cut and clarity are the four standards that define a diamond’s worth. These qualities can be compared to a teacher’s dedication, towards their profession. They are professionals who need to be respected and recognized, and in turn, teachers should know what responsibilities lie on them and what they should be made of.

When performing superiorly, we add value to ourselves.

‘We all have diamonds within us’, quotes Prof. Methil Krish. The higher the carat, the better the quality. Similarly, with various cuts on the diamond, the more precise the type of cuts, more is the shine of the stone. The color stands as a parameter of the quality and finally, the clarity of the diamond depicts the flawlessness. All these characteristics are within every person and there are certain other principles which add up to these traits for teachers to become a better version of themselves.

There are nine words which can be attached to the four characteristics of the diamond. The passion to teach is the first quality that teachers should possess, which is the drive to achieve success, portraying a role model figure to students. The second factor is positive energy, the kind of energy that reflects optimism throughout the day, which students should imbibe from teachers. These two factors are related to the carat of the diamond.

Performance is the third factor, that shows how much effort a teacher can put into teaching. The continuous strive to work hard is the performance capability of the teacher. The fourth component is perseverance, endeavoring skills which keep the teachers on their toes and always ready to be better versions of themselves. These characteristics define the ‘cut’ of the diamond.

Whether an introvert or an extrovert, teachers can present a different personality among their students. Personality is another important element which reflects on a teacher’s character. For the teacher’s personality to be impressive, teachers should know how to manage their etiquette.  

Teachers should be able to perform individually, as well as in teams, by managing people with patience. With this, their talent for people skills can also be improved, which is the sixth element of being a good teacher. These two factors determine the color factor of the diamond.

Lastly, the clarity of the diamond reflects on three values - perspective, principle and patriotism. Teachers should stick to ground principles to become role models to their students. When students misbehave, it can be a reflection of teachers not following good principles. Patriotism is another important factor that should come from within us, imbibing in us the spirit to give back to our motherland. Teachers should educate students to do the same, says Prof. Krish.

I think the principles must be followed to the T, by teachers.

These nine elements add value to every person. As teaching professionals, these traits should be followed to set examples for the upcoming generation. Not just to be good students, but to become better citizens as well.

The nine essential principles for good teachers

I think the principles must be followed to the T, by teachers.

Prof. Methil Krish categorises nine P’s as the requisites for being a good teacher. Teachers must develop these qualities to mould their students, right from their early years until leaving school. These nine essential traits should be imbibed by every teacher, so as to shine like a diamond.

The four C's

Teachers are inbuilt in with certain qualities, skills, and talents which they express and expose during their teaching times.

Cut, colour, clarity, and carat are the four defining factors that make a perfect diamond. Similarly, the teaching profession is compared to that of a diamond, where certain principles are entwined to the four C’s. Teachers should be passionate about their profession, despite all odds.