It is undoubtful that we have shifted unknowingly to a scenario called learning through the internet. The evolution of this has led everyone to search on the internet for details of their need. This is only because everyone requires an instant solution to their questions. Many school assignments and activities are designed in such a way that a student needs to surf the internet to complete. It cannot be denied that we get a lot of reference information in surfing which plays a key role in learning easily.

Many books of very old times are easily accessible through the internet now. This has brought a great revolution in gathering information without any difficulties. We all need to understand that online can not only offer creativity but also can bring risks. As we see this as development, we also must understand the serious challenges while using the internet. We as a teacher should initiate and educate our children on safe internet surfing which mean not getting into sites which we are not aware of it even if it tempts us to log in.

Since more users are accessing the internet through mobile devices; various risks are seen growing rapidly. Unsafe surfing will lead to various threats like embarrassing personal comments or images. It’s the need of the hour that schools can start implementing some dedicated hours for educating the children on the importance of cyber safety education.

They need to be briefed on the reasons for age restrictions and explain to them the risks in an age-appropriate way. Students should be taught to keep their personal information safe, limited and keep their privacy settings always on. Very importantly, students should be educated on how to do a safe download. They need to know that strong, secure passwords are essential tools in maintaining their privacy.

They need to be advised not to download apps that look suspicious or come from a site they don’t trust. By setting always a strong password, avoiding new friends online and keeping the antivirus update, it’s always a great learning experience through the internet for students. Conducting a cyber security week with lots of activities could ideally be an eye opener for the students and parents.

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