Security is a vital feature that everyone seeks in their daily lives. Every human being now owns a third-hand smartphone or gadget. They gave us a new lease on life in the realm of Cyber, which at first appears fascinating but soon becomes a source of concern for many. The most difficult task ahead of us is securing personal gadgets and the data contained within them. The fuel for the twenty-first century is data. Every one of us generates at least a few megabytes of data through social media posts, photos taken with our phones, and messaging apps.

We are either distributing sensitive and personally-identifying information deliberately or inadvertently or acting as a conduit for such messages to reach a bigger audience. Aside from security and safety concerns, cyberspace has a significant impact on both physical and mental health. The art, science, and practice of protecting software, hardware, networks, people, and data are known as cyber security. This simply means all the technologies that we interact with daily needs a good security practice right from communication systems, transportation systems, financial systems, medical records systems and government systems.

This mandates that everyone must have a basic understanding of cyberspace and its implications in real life. Law enforcement agencies require them to identify and report any violations, policymakers require them to frame regulatory compliances for organisations and individuals, security practitioners to secure cyberspace, and the general public to better use cyberspace responsibly and retrospectively. Individual and national security are intertwined with cyber security. We need a larger workforce with the capabilities required to manage cyber security situations in real-time to identify, control, and detect crimes occurring in cyberspace.

A cyber security practitioner should be a specialist in one domain while also having a broad understanding of other technical disciplines to help, guide and solve problems. I see a Cyber Security Practitioner as a doctor who diagnoses vulnerabilities and attempts to mitigate them before they are exploited, as a police officer who keeps an eye on cyberspace, and as a lawyer who advocates for the rights of every single person in the cyber world. The future is going to be Digital, Virtual and Cyber. A Cyber Security Practitioner’s role will be that of a savior. Be responsible, be observant, be yourself.