Not resorting to wallowing, the best choice would be to make a counter choice.  Every person faces setbacks in life. It all depends on how we see the situation. A child, while learning to walk, falls many times, but that does not stop the child from trying. Similarly, no matter what you want to achieve, FOCUS on what you decide to achieve.

Focus on the time you invest, focus on the strategies that you execute, focus on the process. If you still face a setback, don’t let it dampen your spirits, rather, make a comeback and EXECUTE A COUNTER CHOICE. Be determined in, what you want to achieve. Life will someday be that book which will teach us the best lessons, from our setbacks. Each setback is just another milestone on the road to success. You decide what you want to achieve. Mistakes are not mistakes unless you repeat the same. Be self-motivated, get up one more time, set a positive mind and   proceed to pursue your goal. Execute a plan that suits you and remember every counter choice you make may be the right choice. Keep your craving for achievement, vital always. Gracefully accept setbacks, and watch yourself go closer to success. Accomplish all your dreams, but remember that will happen only when you make the right choices, the counter choices.

All the Best!