"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. That is the secret of success". Don’t be a passing cloud, be a storm. Once you are born on this lovely earth, leave your footprints for others. Every individual can achieve something. But if you are not ready to listen to your soul, you will be a passing cloud. We are many such stories of passing clouds in society. Don’t be anxious thinking about the future. Many people around you may dope their ideas on you which they could not achieve. Do not panic, listen to your heart as it will show you the right path. Utilize the knowledge you acquired and work towards your goal. You can be an engineer, doctor, IT professional, artist, etc. but you must have a liking for that profession and be passionate about it. Every time you think of your dream job it must excite you and make you happy. You must be ready to serve anytime. You must select a field that you respect and you will never have any regrets. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself with your attitude. Do not unjustly project your attitude. Be peculiar and unique while choosing your career.

When you lie down to sleep in open space, witness the crystal-clear sky with stars. Only a few esoteric people can feel that bond and enjoy it. Be esoteric and don’t be a flock of sheep. As a teacher, we have taught you everything.

Now the time is to see you in flying colours. We can help you to fly in the sky but you have to designate your worth height to fly. Eager to see you people with colourful wings.