I have learnt so much from these young friends and I still have so much more to learn from them; in fact, I earnestly suggest that we should all go back to being a little more like children! Well, I should honestly say that learning from children is something that would definitely be an ongoing journey in my life and I would simply love to learn something new from them every single day because for me learning is something which never stops. As an individual, I love to learn from every possible source, whether it’s a child, nature, animals and the list goes on. This is the secret of my enthusiasm, I should say. Now, that’s a secret….shhhh…

A list of the things I have learnt from children -

  • To always stay excited- Excitement, along with encouragement, is the driving force behind achieving our dreams. Children never tend to lose that excitement in life and their energy levels are so contagious that it has passed on to me too. Now, I just love being excited and look forward towards life and expect something new each day!
  • To enjoy and have fun- I have always observed these budding friends at the top of the mood at all times and they can be seen filled with laughter throughout the day. It's such a stimulant that spurs me to enjoy the little things in life and to stay humorous and to live as though there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow. "A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin
  • To keep moving ahead- There’s a saying, ‘Don’t be afraid of falling; you’ll get up eventually’. Well, we can notice kids getting hurt while playing, facing challenges in their education, succumbing to peer pressure, etc but what we fail to actually notice is that no matter what, they never give up. They try and try till they succeed and this remarkable character unwaveringly stands out each time.  I have incorporated this motto in my life, influenced by the kids around me, ‘Keep trying. Its only from the valley that the mountain seems high’.
  • Evolve a little every day- These emerging risk-takers at my school have taught me to take a stab at a news skill, to be open to change and to be remodeled into a better person today than I was yesterday (even when it's quite adventurous) I could either wobble or eventually I may end up surprising myself.
  • “Play energizes and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities." - Stuart Brown

Finally, to conclude, being physically, mentally and emotionally active is something which has transformed my life story over the years.  Children don't carry baggage from one day to the next. They start fresh, always and by incorporating adequate activity in our life, we can also get rid of redundant feelings and start fresh every day, like a little child. Let’s evoke the little child in us once again! Let’s learn, fall, grow and live a full life from this moment! Happy Children’s Day!