scientific and logical mind will find the idea of spirituality an attractive element, which can also open a new window of the mind. With the fast-paced lives we challenge these days, there is less time to procure energy for our mindfulness. The human mind is a galaxy of thoughts and emotions, and to take control of it is a constant battle.

When we cannot take control of our minds, we tend to lose our energy from within. To put this simply, we get stressed. The ultimate answer for managing stress is nothing but our breath. The quality of our breath differs when the mind fluctuates with emotions. Meditation is one definite way of purifying thoughts. Practicing this art of reverie will free the mind of toxic thoughts, memories, and emotions.

“This will be the one step you would do for yourself, giving yourself a priority.”

In the current scenario, the teacher-student equation has lost its golden value of respect. With the new-age students, moral values like respect for teachers have weakened over time. By continuing this trend, teachers will gradually lose their zest to engage students and involve them in quality teaching, leaving a bad remark on the educational systems.

“Children are not coming from the receiving mode; there is something fundamentally wrong.”

Looking at the best options for education, parents are the ultimate choosers to help suit their child to a schooling system. All students must be brought under one roof, regardless of their academic score disparities. Students with special needs require more effort and guidance from teachers while quick learners need less attention.

The basic difference between Gurukul educational system and the modern educational system is that the former focuses more on Vedas, literature, culture, and discipline, whereas the latter emphasizes more on subjects like science, mathematics, and languages. There are other educational systems like the Chinese and Japanese methods that evolved before modern education came into the picture.

The modern-day education should not just be about books, but of esteemed moralities and social responsibilities, that good students can give back to their teachers. By doing so, the respect for teachers that was once lost can find its way back to the top.

Science of spirituality

The concept of spirituality is nothing but science. The challenge in practicing spirituality is when you are a part of society and you ought to fulfill all responsibilities, regardless of what may come. With the sinking energy in our fast-paced lives, meditation will help to reignite our minds.

Science of meditation

The quality of our breath varies with the emotions we harbour. Engaging in a mind cleansing exercise like meditation can enhance the thought process, thereby improving our mental health. Meditation should be promoted among all academic curricula.

Importance of meditation for teachers

Modern education has seen a dip in behavioural values like respect among the new-age students and even teachers, which in turn, affects the quality of teaching. Regardless of their academic disparities, all students must be brought under one roof and, moulded into good citizens by their teachers.