As of now, students are overwhelmed to be back in school. Soon, exams would be around the corner and they would start worrying. The fear of examinations is very common among students of all age groups these days. A bit of tension always helps to be prepared and helps in improving the performance. But it becomes a problem when it is beyond the normal level of control.

However, with a little bit of dedication and self-confidence, one can beat Exam fear and prosper.

I would like to suggest a few tips to overcome Exam Phobia.

1. Create a plan:

A good study schedule is enough to make you well prepared for the exams. You must list what you need to revise for each subject and then divide that by the number of days you have left before the exam date. Moreover, make a timetable for revision - which you can manage to achieve.

2. Eat well and rest well:

A balanced diet is very important in a student’s life! Especially during exam time, a balanced diet plays a crucial role in a student’s level of preparation. Taking a rest will help us get recharged. Lack of rest will lead to fatigue and burnout.

3. Take a break:

Studying continuously for long hours is not only tiring but also impacts your health. Try to stretch your body, drink water/juice during the break to rejuvenate the body.

4. Talk it Out: Parents play a very important role in helping their child to overcome fear.

They should spend quality time with their child and motivate them. They should make the child understand the amount of effort they have put in to reach their goal is more important.

Dedication is the key here, dedicate your time and ensure to finish all the topics before the exam. It is a good habit to revise before an exam rather than reading something entirely new.

To put it in a nutshell, the right approach and proper time management can help a student to overcome the fear of exams and be successful.

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you”