After millions of years of evolution, a lot of mediums of education changed. What remained constant are the teacher, students, and the bond between them. No matter how many artificial intelligence bots come into existence, every student needs a teacher to guide them, not just to crack exams; but to find their purpose in life.

I remember hearing a story from my mother many years ago. Whenever a turtle lays eggs at the shore of a beach, it swims to the shore each day to check on them. As the baby turtles hatch and learn to walk and swim, the mama turtle watches them from a distance. The role of a guru in a person’s life is similar. A true teacher guides the student to their goal, although they do not always walk next to them.

The relationship between a teacher and a student is mutual. While the students have to realize the importance of being devoted to their mission and their guru, the teachers today have to realize the true purpose of having the opportunity to guide the student. While the world rapidly progresses on the track of technology, the only person who can teach the right values to the generations to come is the teacher. Education is more than grades, degrees, and a job. Education is learning the way of life, from a person who guides you from darkness to light. A true teacher sees the potential of the student and helps them work on their shortcomings. It does not stop with an exam or grade; they guide the student forever. The role of a teacher may end with an academic year, but their impact lasts forever.

Over the years, education got reduced to PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, question papers, and answer sheets. Teachers and students hardly have conversations about real-life situations and problems. The relationship between them also became materialistic, confined to the classroom and subject. Learning the subject might fetch the student good grades and a good job, but it is only the Guru who can teach the student how to be happy, and the real purpose of life.